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27 Horribly Strange Facts That Will Ruin Your Day

27 Horribly Strange Facts That Will Ruin Your Day

1. There is one person who is 7x more likely to kill you compared to everyone else. Yourself.

2. There is a whale called 52 Blue that only sings at their frequency meaning it can’t communicate with other whales. It is nicknamed the loneliest whale on the planet.

3. The first people the Nazi’s gassed were the disabled and mentally ill, not the Jews. They were family members of normal Germans who were at mental hospitals. The families would get a letter that their family member was being transferred then about 6 weeks later they would get a letter saying that they had a heart attack or something and died. It got to the point where it became common knowledge that the transfer letter was advance notification that their loved one had been killed.

4. The wondrous smell you get while cutting grass is actually a chemical distress signal, you’re smelling the silent screams of your lawn.

5. 40% of the food produced in the world goes to waste.

6. When 11 year old Timothy King disappeared during the Oakland** County Killings, his mother made a plea on television public plea for the killer to release him, and stated she would feed Timothy his favorite meal of Kentucky Fried Chicken when he came home.
His body was found later and postmortem showed the last thing Timothy ate was fried chicken.

7. A female born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped in her lifetime than learning how to read. (source)

8. Seniors have the highest rates of suicide at nearly double the teen/young adult ranks.

9. The United Nations estimates that roughly 27 million to 30 million individuals are currently caught in the slave trade industry. India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, the Congo, Myanmar, and Bangladesh lead the way, but slavery also exists on a smaller scale in advanced democratic nations. Source.

10. There will be a time in the future where your name is spoken for the very last time.

11. Judith Barsi , the little girl who voiced Ducky in The Land Before Time, was shot… by her FATHER… then set on fire. Her mother met the same fate.

12. Most laugh tracks were recorded in the 50’s. You’re hearing dead people laugh.

13. Many small adorable furry creatures (e.g. guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.) will happily eat their own young if stressed.

14. If you are a guy and don’t have a son, you are breaking a direct chain of father->son that goes back thousands of years.

15. The Curiosity rover on Mars sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to itself every year. Probably the loneliest birthday in the solar system.

16. More US soldiers die by suicide than by dying in combat.

17. Dr. Seuss’s wife committed suicide because he was having an affair.

18. Brain anuerysms…Death in an instant with no cause or build up. One minute you’re here, healthy as a horse. The next, poof.

19. Adulthood is more defined by paying bills for the things you need/want instead of enjoying the things you need/want.

20. At some point your parents picked you up, put you down and never picked you back up again.

21. You can die from Alzheimer’s by means of your brain forgetting how to chew, swallow, breathe, etc.

22. Everything we know about the stages of hypothermia came from cruel human testing that the Nazis performed at Dachau during the holocaust.
They killed 300+ people by freezing them to deaths under observation

23. You were born too soon. You will never explore the galaxy.

24. During WWII, Japanese soldiers would force Chinese women to commit incest for their entertainment.

25. The astronauts aboard the Challenger likely survived the disaster , and may have been conscious during the almost 3 minute fall to the ocean.

26. Black dogs and cats are more likely than any other coloration to be euthanized in shelters simply because they look “boring” compared to other animals and because of superstition.

27. On average, people see themselves as being 10% more attractive than what other people rate them.

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